Christmas Fun

Win with our card!

How to unlock your gift?

  1. reveal the 7-character code under scratch-off
  2. enter the code into the field below
  3. check your reward and patiently await your Christmas delivery :)

Thank you for participating!
See you next year!

Rules of "Win with our card!" Christmas Game


  1. Christmas Game called "Win with our Card", further referred to as Game, is arranged by Qartis. Game is held between November, 29th 2018 and January, 4th 2019.

  2. Game is of non-commercial nature.

  3. Participants of Game must be of age.

  4. Taking part in Game means approving its regulations.

  5. Personal data of the participants will be stored and processed in comply with conditions included in the act of data security of 29th August 1997.

  6. Only original plastic cards issued by Qartis are honoured.

  7. Rewards are solely of material nature.

  8. Regulations are published at and available in head office, Brukselska 8, 86-050 Solec Kujawski, Poland.

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